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Rail Transit Solutions

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EMU high-speed rail monitoring solution, mainly to protect the safe operation of the EMU high-speed rail overloading, and to solve speeding, driver fatigue driving, anti-vandalism and other issues. We send videos, alarm, GPS latitude and longitude information to high-speed raildata service center via 3G/4G wireless. The system can enhance the passenger platform enterprise information management to improve the modernization level of the enterprise, to reduce operating costs, and to create greater benefits for the enterprise, but also to establish a good social image, have a positive impact.

Equipped with one channel alarm button, the driver can report the alarm in case of emergency, then alarm video window can popup in the CMS to inform alarm;


IC card insert machine, the driver fatigue driving warning, alarm and other functions.


With 3G, 4G, GPS module, vehicle can be managed with the car driving records, GPS devices and other linkage equipements. Video monitoring and vehicle scheduling management platform integration, structural integrity of the vehicle dispatching integrated video surveillance system;


Through mobile app, one can see the video of the scene in real time.


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