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School Bus Solution


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School Bus Solution

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School bus monitoring program, mainly for ensure the school bus safety.

Accidents frequently happened recently, this is to prevent overloading, speeding and fatigue driving etc. By intelligent monitoring of this system, the surveillance of school bus can be more scientific and modernized, to reduce security risks by improving the safety, controllability and predictability of school bus transportation, enhancing the operating convenience and rapid response capacity for the emergency for the school and relevant department.


Connected cameras and vehicle sound pickup are responsible for the monitoring and provide real-time information about doors, aisle within the bus. This will help ensure the security of students and check if the driving status is normal; The fore and rear view the bus can distinguish the type of accidents correctly when necessary.


Alarm devices are applied for the emergency condition. The specific number of driver and students can be obtained by the attendance machine installed. Scheduling and the broadcasting can be implemented by using intercom equipment.


Loading 4G, GPS and G-Sensor modules, can realize vehicle scheduling management center to the vehicle monitoring and dispatching management, vehicle terminal can record the vehicle position, speed, steering and other information and report processing platform linkage.


The parents can monitor their children from client software with Smart phone.


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