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Logistic Vehicle Solution


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Logistic Vehicle Solution

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Logistic vehicle system monitoring solution: with Infinite 4G, GPS satellite positioning and oil level detection system. Tracking the Logistic Vehicle in real time through the advanced Global Positioning System, manage the logistic vehicle. It can improve the the scheduling efficiency, and prevent the way of unloading and "run private live” efficiently.


With four cameras and vehicle display for the vehicle forward driving cab oil inlet and oil outlet four aspects of supervision control; can switch the vehicle

monitoring picture of outside by hands, check the back situation ; Add the oil level detector to the oil box, monitor the fuel state of the vehicle by whole process.

One channel alarm device is applied for the emergency situation. Alarm button and the main engine can be triggered to capture video, record the position,speed, turn etc.More state information will report to the platform automatically.


Equipped with 4G module with two-way intercom function, can realize Vehicle dispatching management center of video vehicle monitoring and scheduling, WLAN module and WIFI AP of the station, the video files can download automatically.


GPS can monitor the state of the vehicle, can supervise the owner,the freight customer and the logistics corporation.


IC card machine,fatigue driving,alarm etc.


Through the Apps on mobile phone,supervisor can deal with emergencies on time even when the office.


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