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Project Management

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葫芦侠天天酷跑 www.bcwoa.icu Che Yixing has more than five years of project service experience, able to provide customers with solid technical support

for different project needs. We have a comprehensive project management team that provides partners with project services

that exceed their capabilities.


Our project management capabilities cover the following areas:

Main project plan:

We can develop a project plan, conduct a project plan and identify the various stages of the project

by field surveys and requirements analysis.

?Project planning We develop a project plan that covers the entire project planning and implementation phase.

?Field survey - We can evaluate based on the actual vehicle to determine the equipment selection, technical requirements

                           and the number of equipment, and determine the location of the ideal car terminal and camera placement.

?Demand analysis - We perform a comprehensive needs analysis to determine your specific application requirements and

                                    unique location requirements.


Additional project management services

We offer a variety of additional project management services to help customers optimize their security

solutions, complete projects and achieve the desired results.


?Complete system design,For advanced projects we provide a complete system design to ensure product compatibility and

                                                                                 provide the best total operational solution that meets your specifications.

?Professional purchasing - Some projects may need the help of field experts. We employ trusted partners and field

                                           experts to work with our team and assist with the project as needed.

?Job scheduling - We provide job scheduling to manage the whole task and ensure your project runs smoothly.

?Segmented service - We arrange your security solution to simplify installation and deployment.

?Billing and account managementWe handle project billing and account management whenever and wherever you need it.

?Installation help - We provide installation supervision in the whole process, managing all aspects of the homework. We use our

                              distributors throughout the country to arrange and install your video security solution onsite.

?Product documentation - We create and provide detailed product documentation and user manuals to complement your security solution.

?Product training - We provide professional product knowledge training.